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Case manager employment is one of the fastest progressing occupation and career especially in the health care industry. Even with the global economic depression experienced by the world today, careers in case management are gaining success into the era of tight competition. There are many large established institutions visible all across states and within the country that are in need with a qualified case manager to be a part of their prestigious team of experts to provide and give quality service to its people or consumers. The leaders of these large institutions are making a great effort and taking a lot of their time and money in order to find suitable job seekers to complete their group.

A case manager is the one person who listens to a client’s story and is the one who is planning for the future, narrows down possibilities to come to a decision, provides choices, helps with paperwork, does research, maintains the client’s routine and independence, monitors changes in the client’s situation, and respects privacy as much as possible. One of the case manager’s main goals is to direct clients to the proper and right service, agency, or organization for their specific situation. The case manager’s job is to maintain a good client relationship and to keep an interconnection contact with the client to be able to make sure that the services rendered were really beneficial to them. As the client achieves its ultimate goal like acquiring the quality of life he or she wants, it will also be a great benefit to the whole family, the additional support systems and especially the health care providers and the case manager.

Case manager employment is increasing because of the many newly established health care institutions all across United States. The major role of a case manager is helping clients to be able to manage their own situations. They actually do not really manage the clients; the clients are the ones who could uplift themselves in a situation they are in. These case managers are also working whether it is a public or a non-profit private company. A case manager basically specializes and gives emphasis in just one area such as health care, regardless if it is physical or mental, aging, addiction, child welfare, disease, disability, occupational services, or immigration services. Situations and cases like divorce, drug addiction, or even depression are just a few of the many examples the case manager handle and manages.

One type of case management is care coordination wherein the case manager’s job is working mainly with the older people or the elderly and this is known as geriatric care. Qualifications of a case manager generally have a nursing background and have years of experience in social work and also have some previous health care careers. One of the traits of a competent and good case manager is one who understands problem management strategies and family dynamics.

Having that willingness to learn new things and to go on training is what these prominent institutions would want in a job seeker. In applying for a case manager position in a prestigious and established institution of your choice in a desired state across US is not that complicated and difficult if you know where to look for. Submission of an application letter with a qualifying resume is a starting point of your future cage manager career. After submission, always anticipate an interview and be sure to have good skills in communications, detail oriented, and organized because making a plan for a client includes researching, observing, advocating, and planning to make sure that their different needs are met. Learning more about the detailed job background and knowledge is also one thing you should take note about in order for you to have a better edge in acquiring a job as a case manager.

The salary of a case manager may depend on what institution or state within the country you want to venture out yourself into in terms of establishing a career as a case manager. It may also vary whether you will work for full time or just for part time work only.

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